nouvelle | no͞oˈvəl | a French word, the feminine form of “new”

Men are on the verge of an existential crisis. 

Women are rising to power (good!). Equality is by no means complete, but the tracks have been laid (also good!). And technology is changing the labor landscape (good, but suspicious, you know, robots and all).

This inevitable transfer of power is self-inflicted. Men were given, yes given, completely unearned, the ability to shape the world and the future is without a doubt in women's hands. To white-knuckle power will do nothing but stunt the progress of the whole and quite honestly, we will spoil any remnants of self-respect in toxic self-aggrandizement. 

We will mitigate this crisis through introspection-  By negotiating between primal instincts and society's evolution in order to find traditional masculinity within the framework of these changing times. 

Eventually, technology will create the bionic man, here we will find the Nouvelle Man... The man of the future.