The downfall of the American Alpha Male.

The downfall of the American Alpha Male.

Everything in the world is about sex, except sex- it is about power.

Roger Ailes. Bill O'Reilly. Harvey Weinstein. These are huge names. Huge, menacing names, atop empires. The pinnacle of power and they have all been ousted for sexual harassment. Money can get any person laid, any time they want it, but sex has a power over someone that rips out their deepest insecurities. And instead of ruling by love, they rule by fear. With the advent of social media, the allegations are much harder to contain. The lying, the bullying, the blackmail, is all much harder when information spreads like wild fire via social media. 

I can’t help but think that this is the pulling of a loose string. What we are seeing with the downfall of these titans is an analogy for America after the rape and destruction of so many countries during the last century.

We as Americans pride ourselves as the alpha male of the world. We have the military might to crush any country that opposes us. We secure allies out of fear of ostracization and the promise of a mutual beneficial relationship. We operate under the guise of integrity, a beacon of light, and the savior of the oppressed. We are the self-adorned most trusted agent of freedom. But what has that kind of thinking gotten us? 

  • Native American genocide. 
  • The Vietnam War
  • Iraq War
  • How about any time we implement a puppet government (Banana Republics) in order to sell us natural resources at below market value. Yes you, United Fruit Company. 
  • Or domestically with Big Tobacco. Big Oil. Currently, Big Pharma, literally preying on the sick and injured. 

Oh hey smaller, weaker, more vulnerable country, you won’t sell us the products of your land at the price we want? Too bad. We will infiltrate your country uninvited…. Sound familiar??? 

Install a leader under the ruse of spreading democracy but inevitably they become a tyrannical psychopath, monopolize said product, destroy your local economy and self-worth and starve out your people and their will to fight back financially. Oh and your only savior from all of this is not yourself, but us. Hmmm. Seems suspect.

Oh and to top it off, we will spread the rewards and ancillary benefits to our friends and allies in order for them to look the other way. Honor among thieves, of course.  

These are not the qualities of a strong person, much less a strong society. The cradle will fall. 

That’s how the alpha male operates. Winning at all costs, because by God we need Schwarzenegger flexing atop a mountain of defeated enemies as the sunset glistens off his machine gun arms. My hope is that this is beginning of the end to the alpha male. That dominant mafioso. That Sherman Marching motherfucker who lacks even the slightest sliver of empathy, whose only goal is to fuel his own treacherous ego and smother all of those around him into submission.

So why are we surprised when this boils over to sexuality? It’s Pavlov’s Dog- “Tell me no, and I’ll prove you wrong.” This is the type of thinking that is endemic in our culture. The entitlement to success. If you want it bad enough, you can succeed. I will never disagree with this, but to say, like many other things, that this is just a couple of bad apples, you are grossly naive.

As Americans, we are all complicit. You don’t like it. Good. You shouldn’t. Change. You think I’m wrong? Read a history book. Still no? Travel. That doesn’t work. Research the supply chain of the natural resources that make up your iPhone. The alpha male doesn’t take no for an answer. In capitalism, if left to its own devices, will eat its young. That takes a fearlessness, determination, and an unquenchable drive. It’s admirable. I look up to it. I wish I could stand on the mound and pitch my way to victory, or drive my team down the field with 45 seconds left to win the game. It’s glorious. Poetic even- This "Victory at all cost." I grew up on Sportscenter. 

The time is now for the alpha male to die. He’s a destructive, single-minded, moral virus. 

It is possible to be driven and have a social conscience, powerful and empowering. A warrior for others and not just the self. A seeker of truth not riches. 

It’s called a leader. 

And we need them now more than ever. 

The “Good Guy” is actually an empty, hollow, snakeskin of a Gentleman. 

The “Good Guy” is actually an empty, hollow, snakeskin of a Gentleman. 

The Golden State Warriors are the best team in professional sports because they adhere to what makes for great sex, selflessness.

The Golden State Warriors are the best team in professional sports because they adhere to what makes for great sex, selflessness.