Men have traded self-respect for self preservation.

There is a word so elusive that it has escaped the consciousness of an entire era. A word with the saving grace to those who wish to make a sacrifice of themselves. It is a pillar from which to build. A warm blanket. A cross to bear. Dignity. 

Men have traded self-respect for self preservation. Collectively they have looked around to everyone else around them and bestowed their problems on others instead of themselves. Men need to take more responsibility for their current state of being. They refuse to acknowledge that they are only reaping what has been sown before them. We fear the future. We are terrified of it. And instead of looking within for the fortitude to adapt we have instead collectedly decided to hold on to power like a toddler holds on to their toys. That toy was never truly earned. The toddler did not earn a decent wage, pay off bills and then use whatever savings left aside to purchase it. No, that toddler was given that toy. And yet, entitlement has caused dignity to asphyxiate, painfully sucking for air until it is gone. 

Women are the way of the future. They may not control the world, and obviously there will always be roughly an even split, however, social dynamics and economic influence will undoubtably favor women. Men now have to take responsibility. It is time to look in the mirror. We can no longer trade self-reflection for self-deception in order to regain our self-respect. 

“Without it, one eventually discovers the final turn of the screw: one runs away to find oneself, and finds no one at home.” Joan Didion, Self-respect: Its Source, Its Power.

Masculinity in all its lost glory

Turn the fantasy of an older woman into reality.

Turn the fantasy of an older woman into reality.