Women are hard wired to thrive in future

As stated earlier, men and masculinity center around external exertion. We (as a whole) value physical power. We bully. We slam our fists down and give great barbaric yelps. This has always been the male way. Get up on that horse and charge the front line.

Women on the other hand, and femininity in general can historically be characterized as delicacy, prettiness, gentleness and empathy. In a civilized society where a man can no longer physically overpower his opponents as he rises to the top, women are instinctually more adept to thrive. Throughout history, because women were smaller and weaker physically, they had to resort to their intellectual prowess and creativity in order to survive. This is a skill that has been honed and refined over thousands of generations. 

With vast amounts of wealth rising to the top and leaving billions of people impoverished, it is time that empathy prevail. We have the resources but not the humanity. The part of darwinism that will allow humans to survive our own self destruction is not his infamous ‘survival of the fittest” but more his observations on cohabitation. Women are better suited for this task. It wasn’t long ago that kids were reared with the help of the village. Analogously, it’s time for a village to help fix the future generations.

Will women take over? I’m not sure. Should they. Probably. What will happen though is equality and men will no longer be able to use their old tactics. They will have to adapt if they do not want to be left behind. If they do not want to become irrelevant, couch potato eye sores. In order to stay relevant to the direction of the world, men must learn how to adapt to the intrinsic qualities that women already possess.

Stop using the word hero!

Men must reap what they've sown