America already failed at one mental health issue: Our Veterans. 

America already failed at one mental health issue: Our Veterans. 

If you think these shootings are a mental health issue, you are a coward. 

Uh oh, did I offend you? Good. Then stop reading. Go head, prove my point. 

Nope, still here? Uh oh. Because I’m going to go after the heart of America. I don’t want you to react and call me unpatriotic or some gun hating liberal. I’m going to shed light on an American hypocrisy and it is going to feel like your parents just sat you down and told you they’re getting a divorce. Its going to hurt. Or at least it should. Seeing how children being murdered obviously hasn't done the trick. Let the betrayal sink in and boil your blood… feel that anger, the animosity, the hopelessness, the despair... 


That’s how I feel. 

We are a society built on medical treatment, not prevention. Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) anyone? Why? Money. It costs more to treat people constantly. It creates a flow of income for doctors and hospitals, but the overall public good is prevention. Doctors don’t earn six figures to tell people to eat their veggies, no, they can eat blissfully at the cheap price of a triple bypass. Foreign countries have already proven a way to prevent mass shootings, Australia and the UK being the most obvious but that point has already been thrown out there time and time again. As proof by the current talking point we prefer to treat the problem one dead child at a time. 

We already have a “mental health issue” and it concerns our veterans. You know, our military. Not the ones that are fighting for our freedom but the ones that already fought and returned. Only recently has our massive defense spending budget contains increases in mental health services for our veterans. The facts remain:

Veterans make up 11% of the national homeless population

- Trump administration originally wanted to cut mental health care but only reversed their position due to the outcry. Hmm, real patriotic. 

We as a country are not emotionally equipped to deal with mental health. Laws would be passed, hands shaken and the issue would be hidden in bureaucracy- forgotten so that everything stays the same and everyone continues to get paid. We give lip service as proof by our actions at football games but not at the polling booth. Raise taxes for our vets... eh sorry Uncle Sam, I prefer to spend it on missiles and jets but I promise I'll stand during the national anthem. Deal? Okay good, that's makes me feel better, thanks. Give money at a street corner? Sit and talk to a veteran and ask them about their issues... no. So if we can't do it for our glorified soldiers, what makes anyone think that we can do it for our displaced, troubled youth? 

For anyone that says that the fix to this problem is to communicate with one another- to approach those in trouble and reach out… I’m a bleeding liberal and even I think that’s utter bullshit. Again, do you take care of the homeless in June? Nope, Christmas time is good enough. In school if there’s a kid who seems troubled usually by way of his behavior we punish them with ISS and expel them and send them to Juvenile Hall… our tactics have always been to push these people away in order to not let “a few bad apples spoil the barrel” and now we’re going to change that system overnight due to kumbaya… Get real and get a backbone. 

Well what about the teachers? 

Oh you mean the men and women getting paid $45,000 a year to educate the next generation. Yeah sure let’s tack on protecting and serving to their job description as states like Texas slash their retirement programs. No. Their job is to educate. Protect and serving is for the police. We should protect our most precious investment, our future generation, not our armament. But America doesn’t value education, we value protection. In a world that is increasingly online and proven by the 2016 election, why bring a gun to a cyber fight? It’s useless and archaic. Russia did more to undermine American democracy with a few thousand dollars and a of couple hackers than they did during the entire Cold War. Say we have some Big Brother-type watchful eye on all of our social media that allows an algorithm to prevent these ‘crazy’ people from attacking a school, but of course they can still buy the guns and will get them just in the nick of time… that requires a huge amount of privacy given up by the citizens of this country.

So the fact is this:

We who want gun control must now suffer the loss of our privacy to the federal government so that you, the gun loving minority, can have unlimited access to your guns… hmmm isn’t that your argument?

Why should law-abiding gun holders suffer for the few that break the law? Well right back at you.

Why should the rest of America give up their right to privacy so that you can have the right to bear an AR-15? 

Your move… coward... I mean hypocrite.

Political Abstinence is Our Cure to Corruption

We are innovating ourselves toward a welfare state. 

We are innovating ourselves toward a welfare state.