Restaurant tipping is the cleaner step-sister to prostitution. 

Restaurant tipping is the cleaner step-sister to prostitution. 

Want to get sexual harassment out of the restaurant industry- take away the customer's entitlement of tipping. That server's value is not based on your discretion, it is and should be at the discretion of the manager/owner of the establishment. In no other industry is this acceptable. None. The way Americans are allowed to show their might and will as a consumer is by simply not returning. That's okay. Tipping has got to go in favor of a service charge. Will that take the fun out of going to Hooters and Twin Peaks... I mean, the game is still on. 

Men for far too long have used the restaurant they dine at as the safe little place to flirt in the public eye. Not doing anything shady here, see, see everyone. Just eating my egg sandwich and drinking my coffee. Tipping creates a power structure that isn't actually earned. Like I said earlier, a true worth of a man is shown only when he is given power. Well, the smallest of power is given at a table, and people take advantage. Taking way tipping is not a punishment. It is simply a restructuring of a system. It is not personal and is not an affront to the American way of life, it is a move forward to a better working environment thus a better customer experience. 

Also, not to only call out the men, it will kill the appetizing behavior that women need to act sexy for money. Time to move on. The women that use sex as a bargaining tool… is it Times Up for that too? The owners and manager who proliferate this kind of behavior, gotta go. Minimum wage is rising. Restaurants are supplying healthcare. This idea that a tip will somehow command better service is honestly, utter bullshit. The people who think that the customer should be able to determine part of someone’s wage is too poor to have a butler so they take out their socio-economic frustrations on someone else. No more. 

Eating food is a business transaction, let’s make sure it stays that way.

Democratize power and everyone becomes powerless, democratize the soul and everyone becomes soulless. 

Political Abstinence is Our Cure to Corruption