Democratize power and everyone becomes powerless, democratize the soul and everyone becomes soulless. 

In a completely socialist world where everyone is equal, who holds the power? Who makes the big decisions? In order to make the world equal we risk diluting the worth of true greatness. We has humans are not wired to succumb to mediocrity, those caveman and cavewomen starved or were eaten- they're not our ancestors but might become our descendants. 

Without hierarchy, will our sense of purpose survive?

What I am more worried about is more internal. Social media has transferred a lot of power from the few media outlets and dispersed it to the masses. Is that good, I don’t know. We’ll see. I do know that our founding fathers didn’t see mob rule as the most pure way toward choosing our leaders, however they also didn’t see super PAC’s and the internet. Social media gives the same type of validation and recognition to people that really haven’t earned it. Yes, I’m aware of the irony- but to have a validation based society gives the permission to feel achievement without actually achieving anything at all. I recognize that Pulitzer prizes and Oscar statues are the same thing, but to me those are celebrations, not achievements- to confuse the two and many, many have, is an attack on the purity of the work itself. I have taken the existential dive into the world of robotics and how it pertains specifically to our existence in the future. On one end, it seems bleak on a societal level, but for sure, 100% we are not ready emotionally for what is on the horizon. 

How do we define the soul? 

No idea. I’m not a priest or a metaphysical theorist. For me, the soul is expressed through our humanity, through our relation to one another as we try earnestly to survive at this thing called life. Surrounded ourselves with self-validation stunts growth and stymies the persistence of an internal struggle. The only way to grow is to be challenged, physically, mentally and emotionally. The physicality of our modern life is unimaginably better than even a century ago, right now it is mentally or better phrased, intellectually. I no longer have to remember how to spell. Have a large vocabulary? Got a a computer. Organization and math? Excel, thanks. Historical facts? The internet’s in my pocket. All of these are wonderful advancements that I use daily, but it doesn’t mean that I am also losing something deeper within me. In the development of futuristic technology the goal is to increase our quality of life. To bring a valued existence to everyone- we have the money, why not? Socially, I don’t really disagree, but emotionally, let’s take a beat. Quality is a term that has been warped and whimsically corroded to mean great, but really, what it mean is hitting specifications.

So to increase the quality of life for everyone, to democratize the certain specifications to all, will yes bring people up out of poverty, but also dull our instincts to simply exist… to which point, I ask... What’s the point?

Restaurant tipping is the cleaner step-sister to prostitution. 

Restaurant tipping is the cleaner step-sister to prostitution.